The Lümicela Tarot and Oracle Series

A collection of Unique Decks for Every Chapter of Your Journey

The Lümicela collection encompasses a unique blend of tarot and oracle decks designed to guide users through a multifaceted journey of self-discovery, growth, and connection. Each deck serves a specific purpose, offering insights into personal intentions, navigating challenges, building relationships, and reflecting on personal growth. Together, they form a comprehensive system that empowers users to explore spiritual crafting, integrating the mindful practice of building something meaningful into the act of achieving enlightenment.

Unique Decks for Every Chapter of Your Journey

Exploration, action, and transformation—
think of these as companions in discovering your potential to create real change.

Lümicela Tarot Cards product page

Lümicela Tarot

Blending age-old tarot practices with the vibrant, imaginative realm of Lümicela. 🧵 FIND OUT MORE

Togetherness Quilt Oracle Cards product page

Togetherness Quilt Oracle

Navigate the art of relationships and foster communal harmony.

Patterns of Progress Oracle Cards product page

Patterns of Progress Oracle

A gateway to a deeper understanding of oneself and the interconnectedness of our journeys.

Thriving Tapestry Oracle Cards product page

Thriving Tapestry Oracle

Navigating life's challenges and opportunities, guided by the wisdom of Lümicela's foxes and raccoons.


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The Lümicela Tales

Stories of Creation and Connection

Engage with our visual narratives on YouTube, where ambient scenes come alive with the sights and sounds of a world steeped in spiritual craftsmanship. Our social media channels offer daily glimpses into the lifeblood of this mystical land, with snippets of lore, character insights, and moments of serene beauty.